Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Parish Council

Notes from the Parish Clerk

The Parish Council receives many queries about refuse collection, the roads and footpaths and planning matters but most of these are outside the Parish Council's remit. The Parish Council's main areas of responsibility are for the recreational areas at Mackney Lane, King's Meadow and the Millennium Wood and for the War Memorial. The Council is also responsible for running the Surgery Car Service.

The Parish Council makes representation to the District Council on planning applications within the parish; however, determination of the application is the responsibility of South Oxfordshire District Council's Western Area Planning Department.

The District Council's Public Amenities Department is responsible for Waste Management. They are very keen that as much waste as possible is recycled; if you need a new or additional green box for the things that you recycle please contact Public Amenities on 01491 823416

Oxfordshire County Council has responsibility for providing many services including education, social services and highways maintenance. Contact details below.

Your Parish Councillors are:

David Fox
John Rodda
(Vice Chairman)
Helen Baines
Celia Collett
Linda Dixon

Graham Gilgrass
Adrian Wood

Clerk to the Parish Council
Lucy Dalby - work number 01491 826968

Parish Council Representatives

The Parish Councillors, or their nominees, have the following responsibilities:

Planning Committee : Linda Dixon(Chair), Helen Baines, David Fox,
John Rodda, Adrian Wood
Councillor in charge of Finance : Adrian Wood
Regional and Sub Regional Planning : John Rodda,
Environment Group & Footpaths : John Rodda,
King’s Meadow : The Clerk

Jubilee Pavilion Committee :
David Fox
Recreation Ground : The Clerk
Village Hall : John Rodda
Community Association : Helen Baines
Rural Health & Wallingford Hospital Interest Group : Carole Dennis
Wallingford Surgery Car Service : Carole Dennis
Transport and Highways :
Village Shop : Celia Collett
Playgrounds Reports : Parish Council Rota
Millennium Wood Reports : Sue Myatt
School Governor :
Fairthorne Memorial Trust : Nick Spencer

South Oxfordshire District Council

Your District Councillor is Celia Collet, Tel: 01491 835988

To contact the District Council phone 01491 823000 or visit

Oxfordshire County Council

Your County Councillor is Lynda Atkins, Telephone 01491 839120

To contact the County Council on anything other than Highways, phone 01865 792422 or visit

For Highways contact the Oxfordshire County Council Area Engineer on 0845 3101111

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