Community Association

It’s not just about putting on social events and having fun! Monies raised at Community Association events throughout the year help to fund the distribution of Christmas hampers to elderly villagers during December. The funding of the hampers is also kindly supported by the Fairthorne Trust and they are distributed by the Brightwell Scouts, under the supervision of Hilary Rogerson.

Who we are and what we do

The Community Association is the one club in the village to which we all belong (unless you can work out how to resign). It is there to serve all our interests, so if you have any ideas or comments about what we could be doing better, please let us know.

It was set up as a direct spin off from the Queen's Jubilee celebrations of 1977. Money left from the Jubilee Fund was spent on the hard surface tennis courts on Kings Meadow. The Community Association was formed to administer the project. For more on the history (in .pdf format) click here.

As well as this highly practical management role, the founding fathers recognised that a Community Association could do much more. The constitution talks about "promoting welfare" of villagers, through recreation and a strong community. It also stresses the Association's role in co-ordinating common efforts by local bodies and individuals.

Villagers familiar with the fete, carol evenings, quiz nights, various film events, wine tastings and assorted national celebrations will probably best recognise this part of the Community Association's work.

Who are members? Well, everybody in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Parish actually, unless as the constitution says "they deem otherwise".

How do you know about its activities? Read The Villager and posters around the village throughout the year.

 And who plans the programme of activities, and the distribution of funds from events back to village organisations? A group of up to 13 Committee members. The Committee is elected annually and meets regularly to plan events ahead and try to learn from what's taken place.

 How do you get your view across about what the Community Association is doing in your name? On an informal basis, talk to a Committee Member. The full membership is listed below.

Every year there is an AGM to which all villagers are welcome. It's usually in the Village Hall or the Jubilee Pavilion in September. Details are posted in The Villager.

Village Welcome Pack

The Community Association's Welcome Pack aims to help newcomers find their feet and provide those bits of useful information that are so difficult to accumulate. If you are new to the village, or you know of someone who is, please contact Lynn Burridge on
Charlotte Woods on
07765 446315 ; e-mail

The Current Community Association Committee members are:

James Davys, Chairman 07717 237061 -
Tom Rogerson, Treasurer

Tony Guntrip
Lynn Burridge
Caroline Annets
Robert Lidstone
Mike Woods
Charlotte Woods
Alison Bloomfield
Jim Sanger