Brightwell-Cum-Sotwell Village Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Brightwell cum Sotwell and Moreton Cricket Clubs
(1858 – 2008)

On Sunday the 1st June over 200 Brightwell Cum Sotwell and Moreton Villagers turned out to support their teams at an Anniversary Cricket Match played at the Brightwell Recreation Ground in celebration of the first match each club played 150 years ago.

The day started at 8.00 am with Clive Collette leading a team of BCSCC Volunteers in erecting the Marquee unfortunately at that point in the rain however thankfully the weather improved as the day went on and it turned out to be perfect weather for cricket – many thanks to Jeremy Goulston for the word he put in for us. The Barrels of Brightwell Cricket Club Anniversary Ale - specially brewed for the occasion by Andrew Torrance of Appleford Brewery, and brewed in BCS village - was set up in the marquee to allow enough time to settle.

The final preparations in the marquee were completed and the barbecue fired up by 12Noon and the first pint pulled just to make sure the Ale was OK. Robert and Heather Emmett ran the Barbecue and Mike Hedges supervised the Bar supported by parents of BCSCC Junior Members from 12noon right through to the close at 8pm without a break. The Women’s Institute (WI) served afternoon Tea and Cakes in the marquee organised by Catherine Inwood and a team of ladies from the WI and Alistair Butt ran an 1858 Golf Competition. Jerry and Caroline Walters ran a very successful raffle assisted by Celia Collett and also there was a Best Dressed Competition judged by Jim Sanger, Celia Collett and Corrine Jones.

Two exhibition matches were played during the afternoon by the Brightwell Cum Sotwell Junior Cricket Section – under 9 years and under 11 years. The level of enthusiasm and standard of play was excellent demonstrating the hard work that Jerry Walters – BCSCC Junior Section Manager has put in since starting training sessions in January this year – Jerry has been assisted during this time by Mark Searle and Simon Glendinning.

What a wonderful sight it was when the 14 Moreton Players dressed in period costume lead by their President and Umpire in tail coat and a very Tall Top Hat entered the ground by the Southern Entrance having used the footpath to walk from Moreton - as would have happened in 1858.

The Toss was conducted by Brightwell Cricket Club President and Umpire Jim Sanger and Moreton President and Umpire Trevor Denning using an 1858 Sovereign which Brightwell won and choose to bat - this was followed by a prayer from Clive Collett the Brightwell Parson. The official scorers were Steve Metcalf of Brightwell and Nic Cross of Moreton.

It was agreed between the captains Simon Glendinning of Brightwell and Kaz Myles of Moreton that 14 player’s aside would play with players retiring having scored 25 runs to ensure everybody got a bat and in addition everybody should also bowl.

Brightwell found the condition very tricky however after a concerted effort by the openers Robert England and Will Emmett followed by Jerry Walters, George Potter and Simon Glendinning together scoring 115 runs Brightwell finished with 166 Runs on the board for the loss of 9 wickets in the 2hrs of the First innings. Moreton scored 112 runs all out in 1hr 50 mins.

The Game was played in a Great Spirit and there was much laughter and amusement at the antics of players and spectators from both sides – all involved are looking forward to the return match at Moreton On Sunday 7th September 2008.