Wallingford Museum

Wallingford Museum News -  September 2021

We are delighted that the museum is open with FREE entry until the end of November. Please check the web site for opening times. Our amazing new exhibit, the new Wallingford castle model is on display.

October Half Term Look out for Crafty at Wallingford Museum, drop in activities - further information, times and dates can be found on the website.


The Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society

Zoom talks for members or possible return to St Mary’s Church.

13 Oct (Weds)
Chris Boyce: Benjamin Disraeli - Life and Times

Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881) was a politician and a novelist during the Victorian age. The only British Prime Minister of Jewish descent, who became a favourite of Queen Victoria during a time when the country underwent significant change and became a world power. Although often considered something of an outsider during his life, he became Prime Minister twice and Chancellor of the Exchequer three times. The Primrose League was formed shortly after his death and was one of the biggest political movements of the 19th Century.

10 Nov  (Weds)
Stephen Barker:   'Five Indian Pilots of the Great War'

In November 1916, the Royal Flying Corps began an experiment to recruit for the first time, Indians resident in Britain. Prior to that, men such as these were unable to enlist owing to a 'colour-bar'. Why was there a change of policy and what would be the experiences of these five men? The presentation is fully illustrated and includes both audio and video clips.

Stephen Barker is a Heritage Adviser, specialising in consultancy for those applying to fund projects with military history themes. He specialises in work relating to the First World War and British Civil Wars. His interest lies in promoting people’s understanding of their military heritage, making the past interesting, relevant and exciting for a variety of different audiences. Please see the web site for further details: