Wallingford Museum

Quizzes and Jigsaws

How well do you remember Wallingford?

Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily close the museum and postpone our events, walks, and TWHAS talks due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will re-open and re-schedule our events as soon as conditions permit.

Whilst Wallingford Museum is temporarily closed, we will continue to share the museum experience, town history locations, local history facts ....... to engage with residents and future visitors.

Our website will show a quiz each week, starting Mondays. Answers will appear on the website on Sunday evenings.

These virtual quizzes should be solved by NOT going out-and-about, but by using internet searches, and Google Earth!

In addition we have a selection of jigsaws to complete online. These show past and present scenes of Wallingford.

Look for the quizzes and jigsaws on the Museum website at: www.wallingfordmuseum.org.uk

You may wish to comment or contribute via our Facebook page!

Hope you enjoy!

Stu  Darby