Guitarists' Guide To Common Chord Progressions

Now available at, "A Guitarists' Guide to Common Chord Progressions" is a manual for guitar students, with a distinctive approach to developing essential chord and scale repertoire. Although designed with students in mind, the structure of this book will also make it a useful reference for more experienced players.

Chords, arpeggios, pentatonics and modes are presented in the context of the most common chord sequences, enabling students to gain fluency in making chord changes as they learn the individual chords. The following features combine to make this a unique and indispensable resource for any guitarist:

  • Contains all triad and seventh chords in all keys, with numerous alternative voicings.
  • Lead and melody playing is facilitated by exercises in arpeggios, pentatonic scales, and modes, built around the chord progressions.
  • All the exercises are written out in full, so that the charts for each exercise are fully visible on a single page.
  • Exercises are laid out in key signature order, following the cycle of fifths.
  • The accompanying text provides an understanding of the principles of diatonic harmony.
  • Supplementary chapters provide an overview of: 
    • Suspended chords and sixth chords;
    • The harmonic and melodic minor scales and the blues scale;
    • Diminished chords and scales;
    • Augmented chords and whole-tone scales;
    • Chord substitution.