Pilates in the Village Hall

Thursdays 6.30pm in the Village Hall, also Tuesday evenings at 6.15pm, and Wednesday mornings at 10.30am,

Many people know that pilates flattens the stomach and strengthens pelvic floor muscles but there is in fact much more to pilates. Structural misalignments, aches and pains often result from a lack of core stability, weak postural muscles or muscle imbalances. Claire uses the Alan Herdman Pilates Method alanherdmanpilates.co.uk of physio-based exercises - specifically designed to make you feel stronger, leaner and more upright, even after your first class!

The 10.30am remedial class is suitable for anyone who can get down on the floor. Flexibility, balance, strength and posture are the key goals. Although this is a group class situation Claire has the training and experience to give individual guidance where needed and structural problems can be often be worked around.

The 6.15pm strength and tone class is a stronger class with more flow and deep core strength elements. Aimed at those who want to see and feel a difference in their power, body shape, muscle tone and symmetry.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact Claire Saunders or Nathan Clayton