Coffee in Church

Do you remember how folks used to congregate in the village shop - bump into someone they hadn't seen for a while and spend the next twenty minutes chatting? Or by a stroke of luck you'd cross paths with someone you were going to have to telephone in order to get much needed information - and thus saved making the call? Well the regular Wednesday morning "Coffee in Church" is where these happenstances still happen!

St Agatha's is the place to be, anytime between 10 and 12, on Wednesday mornings. Coffee and homemade cakes are on offer in the North Aisle - along with some interesting conversation, sometimes serious and informative, sometimes completely nutty. A bit like Midweek on Radio 4 really. (Well - we try!)

Although held in church, it is not intended primarily for church members – rather as a meeting place for the village community, providing somewhere pleasant to enjoy a good natter!  Note that there is usually a break for the month of January.

Centuries ago, long before village halls were thought of, the only building large enough to hold any kind of gathering was the village church. A screen separated and kept "holy" the altar area from the main body of the church, which villagers used for meetings and events.

So pop in and say hello sometime. St Agatha's is still at the heart of this Vital Village, providing a place for us to get together and enjoy each other's company.

Olive Sutcliffe