10 Tips to Help the Bees

1.      Plant bee-friendly flowers in your garden (check out which on the RHS website)

2.      Better still plant a (pollinator-friendly) tree

3.      Install a bee box for solitary bees - most garden centres have them

4.      Be tolerant of solitary bees taking up residence in your lawn – they won’t stay long!

5.      Leave an area of your garden uncultivated for all wildlife, and explore what happens…

6.      Keep ivy – bees love it for its nectar and pollen

7.      Plant an area of your garden with wildflower seeds, and watch it grow!

8.      Support your local nature reserve -  Earth Trust on Wittenham Clumps is our nearest with lots of great activities

9.      Watch out for swarms of bees – help them by checking out local collectors on the British Beekeepers website

10.  Finally, please buy local honey, it supports your local beekeeper who helps the bees!


Happy bees make for a happier world.


For more info, please go to: www.brightwellbees.co.uk