Update from Cholsey Repair Cafe

Our repair café scheme continues to grow in capability, numbers of helpers, and the variety of projects we can attempt. Our underlying aims are to pass on repair skills, advise, and reduce the amount of waste going to our council dumps.

On the other hand, our success has led to repair sessions being very busy indeed, sometimes leading to unavoidably long waits for attention and we won’t be advertising quite as widely for the foreseeable future — although if you’re reading this it means that we’re still happy to see you.

We regularly attract customers from communities that ought to be capable of starting repair cafés of their own and we would like to see new schemes, however small, opening throughout South Oxfordshire. If anyone reading this would like to learn how we go about operating Cholsey Repair Café (CRC), I would be delighted to share our knowledge and experiences.

The next CRC session will be held at the Cholsey Pavilion between 11.00 and 13.45 on Saturday 16th September 2023.


Ian Wheeler