33, 33A & 44

As part of our continual efforts to improve punctuality and reliability, services 23 and 33 will be revised.

Service 33 will now operate between Abingdon, Sutton Courtenay, Milton Park, Didcot, Wallingford and Henley-on-Thames and will continue to serve Wantage Road in Wallingford.   New service 33A will replace the Great Western Park to Wallingford section of services 23 and 23A, and will operate via Hithercroft Road in Wallingford.   Certain journeys will extend to Henley-on-Thames.   Additionally we are pleased that following the completion of the bus turning circle in the housing development, journeys on services 33 and 33A will serve Highcroft in Wallingford, with buses up to every hour in each direction.

The Oxford to Abingdon section of service 33 will now be operated by service 44 which will continue to serve Botley, Cumnor and Wootton.   Connections can be made in Abingdon for services 33 and X2 to Milton Park and Didcot.  

All three services will operate up to every hour, with services 33 and 33A combinging to every 30 minutes between Didcot and Wallingford, Monday to Saturday.