The County admitted that the process of consultation had not worked well and there hadn’t been enough transparency. Unfortunately they would not entertain the idea of removing the lights completely. The Highways department and the developers have agreed that the lights will be dimmed at 10pm.The developers have also agreed to set up a test. Some street lights will have shields added and some will not. A meeting will then take place in the village after dark, to see whether the shields are successful in reducing the impact of the streetlights on the wider area. If the shields do not work, then discussion will take place about adding other measures and extra planting along various sections of the bypass. The developers are happy to do this. In the longer term, Highways will look into reducing the speed limit on the bypass, beyond the temporary measure of 40mph. This will also include looking at reducing the speed limit in Wallingford. A working party will be set up to consider this, possibly led by Councillors Sue Roberts and Pete Sudbury