Wallingford Museum - Press Release June/July 2024

Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society is proud to be running an exciting event as part of the Council for British Archaeology (CBA)

Festival of Archaeology 2024.

Family Archaeology Day Saturday 20 July - 2024 Time 1100 - 1600

Drop-In Please note normal admission charges to the Museum apply.

You are invited to explore and discover the earth beneath your feet in Wallingford and the surrounding towns, villages and countryside! Do please bring in your own finds for identification, especially clay pipe fragments from your gardens!

Get Hands-on with micro-dig, and cleaning artefacts

• Make and decorate your own clay pot

• Finding Archaeology: modern detectives, see how it’s done

• The Rubbish Game: see what can you discover

• Mini talks: 15 mins on the Castle, clay pipes, Lidar etc

See www.wallingfordmuseum.org.uk for details