St James's Church

This old-new church has 12th century origins, but was rebuilt in 1884 after an earlier wattle and mud construction was declared unsafe.

The architect, Sidney Stevenson of Nottingham, incorporated many original features, including the 14th century oak roof. Stevenson was nephew to the village philanthropist, Edward Fairthorne. He also designed the pair of Victorian red brick houses that stand at the top of Mackney Lane.

In the old church, services had been accompanied by a home-grown orchestra of a fiddle, a flute and an accordion. There were boxed pews, whose doors were shut tight to keep out draughts. Feet were kept warm by hot bricks wrapped in flannel.

Communion is held here at 8 am every Sunday morning.

Leaving the churchyard by the back gate takes us into Bakers Lane, where a right turn and a short walk will bring us to....